Optur Presentation

Optur is a new project based on a string of newly composed dance tunes within the Nordic folk music tradition, taken under loving care by Søren Korshøj, Mikael Fleron, Jens Kristian Andersen and Heidi Luke- violin, saxophones, double bass and drums, respectively.

The alternation between the tightly thematic and the improvisational interplay in free and open spaces gives each instrumentalist the opportunity of expressing both their individual and collective potential, and the possibility to create an intense expression together with the audience which captures the music of the moment. There by our own formof musical expression arises, which we’re calling Nordic Free Folk.

With a deeply founded Nordic musical vibe, Optur is looking forward to meet the audience with outgoing playfulness!

The Debut album “Nordic Free Folk” was released 4 August 2022 at https://gofolk.dk/

The album has been very well received in Denmark and abroad. And has been number 2 on top 40 on “Global Village”


Michael Moll at Folkworld.eu :

"What a blast of groovy and cool new dance music based around Nordic folk traditions"



Alex Monaghan at Folkworld.eu :

"This CD will certainly go on the shortlist for my 2022 Top Ten!"



“The idea is to mix Nordic-influenced folk dance with improvisation, and it works like a charm”.



allt från jazziga saxofonsolon till discotrummor, och inte minst en väldig massa snygga melodier. Och svänger gör det, rejält.



Bassen og ikke mindst trommerne underbygger som hovedregel melodiernes rytmik frem for at lægge en egentlig grundpuls. Derved opnås en ganske kraftfuld og fremaddrivende dynamik.



 og så naturligvis – igen – en Mikael Fleron, der virkelig formår at spille farvestrålende uden af udfylde hele paletten.



kurzum,eine kurzweilige CD voller oft schöner Überraschungen.


History of the band :

Violinist and composer Søren Korshøj was a founding member of the band Instinkt, touring festivals in Europe and Canada from 2003-2008.Including Roskilde, Dranauter, Hebridian Celtic, Winniepeg and Calgary festival. The band recieved 6 Danish Music Awards for their 2 albums.

With more than 40 years of experience from the Danish and international folk scene, Søren has composed a string of new dance tunes revolving round the Nordic folk music tradition.

An important idea behind this new project has been to bring together an ensemble capable of playing dance music with an edge, leaving room for improvisational passages and an occasional humorous hint.

The saxophone player Mikael Fleron quickly became a close collaborator in the process of launching the project, also based on an idea of gathering musicians across different musical genres in order to contribute to the creation of a new form of unique Nordic sound. Jointly they found beat-oriented Motown drummer Heidi Luke and Jazzbassist Jens Kristian Andersen.

The band was baptized OPTUR (equivalent to ‘positive takeoff’) and received a grant from Statens Kunstfond (The Danish Arts Foundation)earmarked for premiering one hour of nonstop music for a dancingaudience at the Nordic folk music festival "Musik Over Præstø Fjord" (https://www.mopf.dk/);a festival with a strong focus on both traditional and contemporary Nordic dance and music.

Thedebut was a big success, which made Optur confident that they had something unique and potent going on.

Debut album out now